Happiness is a choice!!!

Does something you do make you happy or do you do something because you are happy? If you go back and think, the question makes you wonder what it was that you were happy about? You may recall a particular incident that made you happy. Can you pinpoint whether the happiness that created favorable situation or was it the response from something you did? There may be instances of both. Man has an infinite number of desires. It will always be “I will be happy if …” And the latter part of the sentence will keep on changing. So don’t chase your happiness.

When you are performing a task, would you do it better if you were happy or unhappy? Certainly happiness would result in better performance. Let your guiding thought be – happiness makes for better all round performance and better health too. It is our attitude to the situations that makes all the difference. Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness comes from mastering the art of appreciating and consciously enjoying what you already have. People fear “If I become content with what I have, I’ll lose my motivation to achieve more.” The fact is happiness doesn’t drain your energy or motivation. It adds more!

There can be no one solution for the infinite situations that we all encounter. Make yourself remember,

there is always at least three pleasurable things in any unpleasant situation:

(1) Yourself

(2) Your positive mind

(3) Your habit of being happy.

One should not be easily upset by something that is not to one’s liking. Unhappiness cannot be totally vanished; it is a fact of life. However, what is possible is being able to handle it properly. Be observant to what has made you unhappy and try not to let that affect anything else…

Love! Laugh! Live


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