​Give Yourself a Raise!

A good work is a choice. We should admire a person who takes the upcoming work as an opportunity. There are two set of people who treat work differently. After finishing allocated work, if new work is allocated some people say ‘Oh! There again I have to give this work right after finishing current work.’ But the second set of people say ‘Yes! I get to give this work.’ By using “I had to” could feel the energy drain. But when you take upcoming work as an opportunity it keeps you going. Think about what would happen to you if your main goal each day was to show your delight to the world.

Every day would be different.

Imagine that you’re the best expert in whatever it is that you’re about to do. Not arrogantly, since people who are exceptionally talented are rarely arrogant. Rather, you are brilliant artist in that area and you love doing it.

So, for example, if you’re managing portfolios for your company, you’re the best fund manager. If you’re going to develop software, you’re the best software developer. When you approach each task from this perspective, the quality of your work will rise and time you take doing each task will be less and it will pour energy into your work. Here are few ways to get greatest advantage out of work experience:

First, become truly interested. Don’t worry about being interesting. Be interested in each experience, activity, and interaction.

Secondly, dedicate yourself to interacting and learning how people see work. That means really, genuinely engage in activity with people at work. This will open you up to how other people see work and what gets them excited.

Lastly, extend yourself beyond your comfort zone. Explore your work. This will make you hunger for a work of passion.
Love! Laugh! Live


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