An Art Of Gratitude – Do You Have It?

How do you feel when someone says ‘Thank you’, for something that you did? It definitely makes you feel good, it adds a glow to your face and you continue your work and you become happier than you were earlier. You may just have been doing the job that you are paid for. Still when someone says ‘Thank you’ it makes you feel good, because it acknowledge your presence and contribution to the work.

Are you taking someone for granted?

Think upon yourself and how you go through your day. Are you thankful enough towards all those people who contribute to your life in several ways?

Let us take a typical scenario at home – does anyone thank the mother for the morning tea or breakfast. Such services within the family are taken as granted. Simple ‘Thank you’ can acknowledge their presence and makes them feel needed. The same can be done for your family, friends, colleagues and people you interact with on a daily basis.

Saying ‘Thank you’ helps you too in a way that when you express a feeling of thanksgiving, a positive act is performed not just for others but for yourself too. It helps you keep things in perspective. In today’s stressful life people easily fall into negative moods, dissatisfaction and irritability. Such negative feelings can be kept consciously when you interact with others.

Let us take an example. Are you feeling irritated because your train has been delayed or your bus to the office gets stuck in traffic? Do you want to step out of that mood? Look around, focus on the smiling face of a baby and feel the smile spread over your face too. Take a look from the window see the nature and feel the freshness of morning. Obviously you cannot walk across and thank the baby or the nature but you can acknowledge its contribution. When you take the focus away from the irritation, it ceases to irritate you further with the same intensity.

If you keep an attitude that reflects gratitude towards all positive things that you see around yourself, you will undoubtedly have a happy day. The focus will shift towards what you have and what you have received rather than towards what you do not have. And a happier state of mind makes a person perform better.

So go ahead and express gratitude whenever possible; add a smile to someone’s face and to yours too.

Love! Laugh! Live!


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