Make Success A Practice

Plan your success; consciously follow your thoughts for one day. Discover and write down the questions you pose to you – those that give you power and those that take it away.
Observe your daily experiences. List good things that happened today that you are grateful for and why. Think about an event that happened today that you wished you had reacted differently to and decide how you would like to react to that situation next time. Ask yourself, “What lesson does this experience bring me?” Do not ask yourself why something happened. Sometimes, the answer to that question is not obvious. Still caught up in moving through it, you are not looking at the event as experience, but rather still viewing it as mistakes. Learn from your experiences; do not suffer from the same mistake again and again. There is always only one answer to the question “Why?”.Just believe – everything that is happening is for your own good. Therefore, if you simply believe, you don’t need an explanation of why!

For everything that happens, specifically ask, “Why is this good? Where does it lead me? What must I learn from this? There is only one solution for the occurring events and circumstances that drain your power, life energy and motivation – ask yourself the question, “What is the fastest way to get beyond this?” and move forward.

Remind yourself all the successful events you have experienced in your life. Surely there are many things from your birth until now that you are proud. I have heard someone saying if you are living in such country where thousands of people travel by bus, train, private vehicles and if you are still alive traveling on those roads with your vehicle, or getting off safely from train, my friend you are successful.

Become elite at your success!
Love! Laugh! Live!


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